1897 Tonk Old Hickory Men’s Bicycle Sold for $16,600 on eBay

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Name of Bicycle: 1897 Tonk Old Hickory Men’s Bicycle
Year: 1897
Price: $16,600
Seller: jmo-17
Description: “Collectible, tonk Old Hickory’s were built by Maxwell Tonk in the late 1897 & 1898 out laminated, steam-bent, second growth hickory.  The patent, a copy of which is included with the bicycle, describes the method of fabrication.  The frame is actually hollow.  Wheels are 28” Lobdells. This beautiful example is complete, un-restored and in superb original condition,having spent most if it’s life in private collections and many years in a bicycle museum.  These bicycles are extremely rare and do not come up available very often. There is no ‘Buy-It-Now’ offered but if you would like to tender an offer it will be considered”.

Definitely a very nice Bicycle that brought a lot of attention and a great price.

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