1951-1963 Chevy Dinsmore Compass Sold for $1,525 on eBay

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Name of Collectible:  Chevy Dinsmore Compass 1951-1963
Price: $1,525
Seller: curiositykilledthellama
Description: “Collectible, is an excellent condition, fully complete dinsmore compass for a Chevrolet. Compass, original bulb and stainless steel mounting bracket along with original instructions are included in the original box. Box has some staining. Clear glass and liquid nicely show its black on white lettering. There is a tiny gold mark on the bottom of the compass. On glass there is what I think is a tiny piece of glue from packaging just under the black casing. Overall great condition”.


Definitely a very nice Compass that brought a lot of attention and a great price.

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