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  • 1957 Toppie Lunchbox Sold for $2,450 on eBay

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    The Ebay Listing as of February 01,2013.

    On January 06, 2013 a Collectible 1957 Toppie Lunchbox Sold for $2,450 on eBay

    The Seller calisun9 described the item as: Collectible is the pinnacle in lunchbox collecting, arguably the rarest and most valuable of all lunchboxes. Here is the 1957 TOPPIE Elephant Lunch Box. This is 100% original, made by American Thermos Products Co. Its estimated there is less than 12 Toppie Lunchboxes in existence. Marked along the front and back sides”

    Definitely a very nice Lunchbox that brought a lot of attention and a great price that we decided to post it as one of our Collectibles Sold Highlights.

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