1974 Six Million Dollar Man Lunch Box

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Item: 1974 Six Million Dollar Man Lunchbox Thermos Rare Canadian 2 Diff Thermoses

Description and Image By: stiggey

1974 Six Million Dollar Man Rare & Vintage “Canadian” issued Lunchbox & Thermos ( Very Rare 2 color Versions thermoses) & issued by Aladdin Canada..This is a very tough lunchbox set to find in any condition & this set is complete with both known canadian issued thermos variations…note the color in the graphics as 1 thermos is almost orange & the other a pale yellow in the skin tones. As far as i know this is the only known set to have both color variations & in fact i’ve never seen another example of the pale yellow skin tone version thermos. The lunchbox is in very nice condition with light scratches to the box & 2 of the bottom feet are chipped which is minor & not noticeable on display. This RARE Canadian plastic version was Only issued in canada & this was the sister lunchbox’s to the more common American Metal version & was only avialable in Canada for the much smaller canadian market & so few of these have survived in this condition !!!.¬† Again the Canadian Issued was in plastic only in canada¬† with paper graphics & this is a rare & vintage 38 yr old vintage lunchbox . In fact i’ve never seen another example of this lunchbox complete with both thermos versions which differ from the USA in that they are Dark blue in color & stamped Aladddin Ontario Canada on the bottom . The canadian lunchboxes are soooo much rarer than the USA issued boxes as they had about a 10th of the production & & being made of plastic with paper graphics sooo few survived as they were thrown out as if gotten wet they peeled or the box cracked very easily. The USA metal version has a guide price of $225 but this rare canadian set is 10 times rarer & in fact is so rare that you will not find it listed in any guides !!! This Canadian set WILL DISPLAY VERY NICELY & is very hard to find in any condition even here in canada… Based on the very popular 70’s classic TV show which starred Lee Majors & 70’s lunchboxes are very sought after.

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