Amazing,Museum Quality Antique Zenith Radio Collection

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Item: Amazing,Museum Quality Antique Zenith Radio Collection
Sold For: $16,100.00
Bids:  5
Date:  Mar 16, 2012
Auction: Ebay
Seller:  retroblaster
Description and Image By:    retroblaster

Amazing collection of over 130 Antique Zenith Radios from 1936-1941, All original or expertly restored with original parts.  Museum quality. Pick up only, no shipping available. The following is a master list of model numbers. 1936: 4t26-Table, 4V31 Table,5s29 Table, 6S27 Table, 7S28 Table, 4T51 Console, 5S56 Console, 6S52 Console, 9S54 Console, 1936/7 No number 8S129 Cabinet with 6S27 Chassis and dial. 1937: 5R135 Table, 5S119 Table, 5S126 Table, 5S127 Table, 6D117 Table, 7D119 Table, 6S128 Table, 8S129 Table, 6S152 Console, 8S154 Console, 10S153 Console, 10S153 Console with different Grille, 10S156 Console, 12U159 Console 1938: 4F227 Table, 5J217 Table, 5R216 Table, 5R226 Table, 5S220Table, 5S218 Table, 6D219 Table, 6S223 Table, 6S229 Table, 5S237 Chairside, 6S239 Chairside,7S240 Chairside, 12S245 Chairside, 7D253 Console, 7S258 Console, 9S262 Console, 12S265 Console, 12S268 Console 1939: 4B231 Table, 4K331 Table, 5S319 Table, 5S320 Table, 5S319 Table, 5S320 Table, 5S327 Table, 6D316 Table, 6B231 Table, 6S321 Table, 6S322 Table, 5S339M Chairside, 6D336 Chairside, 6D337 Chairside, 6S340 Chairside, 7S342 Chairside, 6S361 Console, 6S362 Console, 7S363 Console, 7S364 Console, 8S359 Console, 12S370 Console, 1940: 4K435 Table, 5G438 Table, 5G441 Table, 5G403 Portable, 6S439 Table, 7S432 Table, 7S443 Table, 7S434 Table,4B639 Table, 4K635 Table, 5D625 Table, 5D627 Table, 5K637 Table, 6D2611 Table, 6D622 Table, 6D2612 Table, 6R631 Table, 6S632 Table, 6S643AT Table, 7S633 Table, 7S634 Table, 6S646 Chairside, 8S647 Chairside, 12H650 Chairside, 6D446 Chairside, 6P448 Chairside, 7S449 Chairside, 6D455 Bookcase, 7S482 Bookcase, 7S459 Companion, 4B468 Console, 6S469 Console, 7S458 Console, 8S463 Console, 10S464 Console, 10S470 Console, 11S474 Console, 12S471 Console, 12S475 Console, 6S656 Console, 7S657 Console, 8S661 Console, 10S668 Console,10S669 Console, 12H670 Console. 1941:  4B536 Table, 4K535 Table, 5G534 Table, 5G537 Table, 6B541 Table, 6D525 Table, 6D526 Table, 6G533 Table, 6S527 Table, 6S528 Table, 6S532 Table, 7S529  Table, 7S530 Table, 8S531 Table, 8S548 chairside, 5G572 Console, 6S556 Console, 7S557 Console, 7S558 Console, 8S563 Console, 8S563X Console, 10H571 Console, 10H573 Console, 10S566 Console, 12S568 Console.

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