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  • Chinese Jade Lock

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    Item: Very Nice Old Chinese Carved Celadon Jade Lock -Form Plaque Pendant & Wood Stand

    Sold For: $1,600.00

    Bids: 24

    Date: Aug 23, 2012

    Auction: Ebay

    Description and Image By: 77pudd

    Item: Up for auction is a very good vintage or antique Chinese carved celadon jade plaque/pendant.  Rectangular lock-form pendant with pierced dragon border, each center plaque is carved with landscape scene and four-character mark.  Stone is medium celadon green tone.  Comes with carved wood stand.

    Size: It measures 3 1/4″ X 2 1/8″ (measures only jade not wood stand).

    Age: Late 19th to early 20th century.

    Condition: It is in very good condition with no damages.


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