Emerson EP-375 5+1 in RARE RED!! This is a CATALIN BAKELITE RADIO

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Item: Emerson EP-375 5+1 in RARE RED!! This is a CATALIN BAKELITE RADIO/ LOOK

Sold For: $1,999.99
Bids: 19
Date:  Apr 05, 2012
Auction: Ebay
Seller: momemai
Feedback:   100% (368)

Description and Image By:  momemai

Up for auction is a very nice Emerson EP-375 5 + 1 radio.  This is a CATALIN BAKELITE RADIO/ Very rare!!! Radio powers up and provides sound, but I can’t get the knob to move the dial to a different frequency. I am sure it is nothing, but I know nothing about radios, and don’t want to risk damaging a gem like this. Casing is very nice with no cracks at all. The right side plastic strip (the plus 1) has a hairline crack about 1 inch long with a little chip (very small) as seen in picture 8. This radio was used up until about 15 years ago, when it sat in my den on a shelf collecting dust. Plugged it in while taking pictures and it fired right up. I will try and answer questions best I can about the radio. I know this is 1 of the rare colors on a very desirable radio.

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