Most Expensive Items Sold on eBay (July 2013)

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Name of Collectible: 1493 Incunabula World Chronicle Book
This ítem Sold for $35,000.
Sellers: konstantinopel
Description: “Collectible, the Liber chronicarum is a world history from the late middle ages compiled by the Nuremberg doctor Hartmann Schedel (1440-1514). Schedel’s world history covers the period from the creation of the world to around 1450, which is followed by a look ahead to Judgement Day.”




Name of Collectible: Star Wars Darth Vader Action Figure
This ítem Sold for $29,999,99.
Description: “Collectible,  he double telescoping lightsaber version of Darth Vader is an incredibly rare piece. To make the figure double telescoping, the lightsaber tip pulls out to over 1″ long or can be retracted fully within the thicker portion of the lightsaber. This 12 Back A with a white figure stand is a very early example of a Star Wars 12 back”.




Name of Collectible: 1941 Wurlitzer Juke Box
This ítem Sold for $19,495.
Sellers:  midwest-sellitnowstore
Description: “Collectible,  this machine was restored years ago. The nickel plating was done well, the plastics were cleaned and preserved, and the cabinet looks like it was professionally refinished. The mechanism appears to be professionally redone as was the amp and all animation”.




Name of Collectible: Detective #29 Comic Book
This ítem Sold for $17,795.
Sellers:  sparklecitycomics
Description: “Collectible, this issue is one of the most important and desirable Batman issues of all-time. This classic cover is just the 2nd time Batman graced the cover of a comic book as well as being just his 3rd overall appearance.”




Name of Collectible: 1897 Tonk Old Hickory Men’s Bicycle
This ítem Sold for $16,600.
Sellers:  jmo-17
Description: “Collectible, tonk Old Hickory’s were built by Maxwell Tonk in the late 1897 & 1898 out laminated, steam-bent, second growth hickory.  The patent, a copy of which is included with the bicycle, describes the method of fabrication.  The frame is actually hollow.  Wheels are 28” Lobdells.”




Name of Collectible: 1938 Harley Davidson Classic Motorcycle
This ítem Sold for $14,600.
Sellers: renohamel66oo
Description: “Collectible,  a beautiful restored 1938 Harley Davidson WL 45″ Flathead restored motorcycle. This is a gorgeous looking bike that runs and rides like a dream. Its amazing how well a rigid, springer front end bike rides down the street. The bike is a 1938 Harley Davidson.”




Name of Collectible: 1920′s Louis Vuitton Trunk
This ítem Sold for $13,200.
Sellers: atlantajean
Description: “Collectible,  clean but not “renovated,” this trunk looks much as it did the last time it was used, including an engaging detail:  We get to read the extent of the first owner’s lavish 1920s life-style through her shoe labels, still filled out in pencil on the trunk shoe boxes.”




Name of Collectible: 1960′s Disneyland Car
This ítem Sold for $12,678.
Sellers: harley96fxstc
Description: “Collectible,  this is a rare opportunity to own a piece of Disney history. I bought this car from a gentleman that lives near me who purchased it over 35 years ago at an auction. He let his kids and grandkids ride it until it quit running which is when he parked it at the edge of a field in some woods.”




Name of Collectible: 1977 Man from Atlantis Lunch Box
This ítem Sold for $7,650.
Sellers:  stiggey
Description: “Collectible, okay lunchbox collectors..Here it is..the Holy Grail of the lunchbox collecting Hobbie..Offered for sale is one of ONLY 4 KNOWN TO EXIST 1977 Man fom Atalntis Proto-Type lunchbox in STUNNING Nr Mint Unused Condition & issued by King Seeley.. This lunchbox was designed for issue back in 1977 for the new TV Series the man from atlantis which aired for 1 season on ABC but the series was cancelled thus this lunchbox NEVER WENT INTO PRODUCTION”.




Name of Collectible: 1930 Bureau of Prohibition US Badge
This ítem Sold for $6,339.92.
Sellers:  ilovejunk16
Description: “Collectible, this badge is like findng a needle in a hay stack! You don’t see many of these anywhere, in fact the last one I found I saw on here, it sold on 1/16/13. The badge was made from 1930-1933.”




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