FAQ's are some of the most frequently asked questions from our visitors. we try to provide answers to the most asked questions from visitors.

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FAQ’s here is a list of the most frequently asked questions.

Question: What is GreatestCollectibles.com all about? 

The collectibles market is very exciting and the history behind every single object has a great story to it taking you to the past. So we created a site that provides tons of  free information on some of the worlds greatest collectibles that you can’t get  anywhere else.

Question: When was GreatestCollectibles.com Started?

We started in January 2012.

Question: How Many People visit Greatestcollectibles.com? 

As of  2014 we have an average of over 24,000 unique visitors a month and growing about 5% monthly without any paid advertising.

Question: What Do You Publish on the Site?

We report the Latest News on all major collectibles or stories worldwide that we feel are exciting. We also report the highest prices realized from completed sales on eBay, Christie’s, Sotheby’s, and other major auctions.

We also have a list of Price Guides that give you a fast and reliable value for your item depending on their condition. We have prices for most collectibles or we point you to a website that we feel is the best Price Guide for that collectible.

We also have an Archives page which highlights the most exciting Collectibles News with links to each story.

We also found the Most Expensive Collectibles for each category, category being cars, stamps, comic books, etc.  For example we published the 10 Most Expensive Paintings, the 10 Most Expensive Cars, 10 Most Expensive Lunch Boxes, 10 Most Expensive Furniture, 10 Most Expensive Posters, 10 Most Expensive Watches, etc.

Question: How often Do You Post News?

Answer: We post News every day (Monday through Friday) and we are unmatched in reporting Collectibles and Antiques News by anyone else. This is a passion for us and not just a job! Were constantly on the hunt for exciting collectibles and antiques news every day!

Question: How Many Employees Work on Greatestcollectibles.com?

We have one full time employee her name is Marilu and she loves collectibles and every news article or post that she publishes, she does it with tons of enthusiasm as she loves learning and sharing what she knows about collectibles. We also have a contributor his name is Jeremy Facumprez who has helped build a lot of our collectibles databases.= since the beginning of GreatestCollectibles.com

Question: Do you post on any social media sites?

Yes, we have a FaceBook page, Twitter and Pinterest but we have been using Twitter as our main source of social media. We currently have over 25,300 followers and growing.



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