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  • 1960 Have Gun Will Lunch Box

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    Item:  1960 Paladin Have Gun Will Travel Lunchbox and Thermos Near Mint Western Theme

    Description and Image By:  brainbucket9

    This is the 1960 Paladin TV Show Lunchbox. The sale includes the Thermos. This set has been used however, was used lightly, The Bottle appears to be unused but I can not be sure. Both Box and Bottle are clean with minimal wear. The Front of the box shows some scratches that are visible in the photos. There is some rim wear on the back of the box rim but again, its light. For being 52 Years Old it has faired better than most people! I have had this box for many years. The Graphics on this box are outstanding, the details are all there. For something that was designed as a throw away, they did lots of artwork.

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