1977 Kiss Lunch Box

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Description and Image By:  drflipu2

Unused/Mint 1977 KISS Lunchbox & Thermos

Copyright: 1977 Aucoin Management Inc. by Agreement with “KISS”, a partnership By: Thermos Division King-Seeley Thermos Co.

One of the best  KISS lunchbox and thermos sets I have ever come across!

A  must have for the ultimate KISS collector. Both the Lunchbox and Thermos are mint and unused.

(on the back of the box there are two tiny white specks on the very edge of the rim and at the top edge a tiny bit of edging of white ..very insignificant and no doubt from  storage)

Unlike the Archies based on “Archie” comics, were cartoon characters pretending to be a band, KISS, according to founder Gene Simmons, was a real band pretending to be cartoon characters. Dressed in flashy clothes and caked in outrageous face makeup, the band used smoke and pyrotechnics to give themselves a larger-than-life quality, which their preteen fans found to be deafeningly appealing.

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