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  • 1959 Little Dutch Miss Lunch Box

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    Item:  1959 Vintage Little Dutch Miss lunchbox thermos very nice
    Description and Image By: stiggey

    1959 Vintage ” Little Dutch Miss”  lunchbox & thermos in Very Nice condition & issued by Universal. This lunchbox is complete with matching thermos.  50’s lunchboxes are very sought after & this lunchbox is no exception . In very nice condition with light wear to the lunchbox common to 52 yr old lunchboxes but will display very nicely & complete with the matching thermos… This vintage Universal issue lunchbox & thermos is very sought after as per all Universal issued lunchboxes with a guide price of $320…Universal was a very small company compared to the competitors of the time…Aladdin & American thermos & issued much less production #’s thus making they’re boxes very sought after… . A must for the lunchbox collector that wants vintage !!! Another vintage Rare lunchbox collectible & Offered from the personal collection of Mr Mint

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