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  • Lunch Box Dictionary

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    Band: The center or middle section of a lunch box. Lunch boxes have a front side, back side and then the middle section.

    Thermos: A thermos bottle that accompanies the lunch box. Usually it has the same design or theme as the lunch box that it belongs too.

    Tag: Original tag that was sold with the lunch box.

    Mint: A lunch box that is brand new or in mint condition just the way it was when it left the store.

    Metal: Lunch boxes made out of metal or tin.

    Tin lunch box: A lunch box made out of tin or metal.

    Vinyl lunch box: Lunch boxes made out of vinyl.

    Plastic Lunch box: A lunch box made out of plastic.

    Front: The front of the lunch box.

    Back: The back of the lunch box.

    Handle: The handle or grip used to carry the lunch box.

    Design: The design on the lunch box.


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