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  • Lunch Box Market Update

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    This is the most current Lunch Box Market Update as of August 2013. Click here to go Back to Lunch Box Price Guide. 

    Overall lunch boxes seem to be performing well. Last month an R10 Man from Atlantis Lunch Box Sold for $7,650.00 with 43 bidders on eBay.

    Lunch Box Market Update as of August 2013

    Lunch Box Market Update

    Buying is a little strong compared to previous months. Boxes rated as R1-R5 were selling well nothing really exciting and average movement. R6 boxes were also selling at average prices and at times a little strong depending on the auction date and who was bidding. Some of the harder to get boxes which are R7 and higher seem to be selling for strong prices. We were outbid on many of them. R8 boxes did even better and some prices had to be moved up significantly. R9 boxes are very hard to come by and when they did come up at auction they realized a little higher prices than usual.

    Overall the Lunch Box Market is doing very well. Buying seems to be doing well as there are a lot of buyers right now. Our traffic increased for Lunch Boxes this month and we had about 4,000 unique visitors in the month of July on lunch boxes alone.

    Man from Atlantis Lunch Box

    Sold for $7,650. on 8/2013

    Selling,: Sellers seem to be doing ok, most boxes put up for sale with good images, descriptions and ending on a good time like in the evening seem to be getting a lot attention.

    Demand: There seems to be a little higher demand than in previous months as mentioned earlier our traffic from lunch box collectors peeked up a little this past month in July or about 10% from the previous month.

    Supply: Always seems to be a big problem in lunch box collecting. Currently it is not any different and very rare lunch boxes hardly come up for sale. I did see a few track king boxes come up in the market and a few other R8 and R9’s but not too many new ones. But for the most part these are some of the boxes that have always been available but as a Buy it Now option at a little high prices which still haven’t’ sold.


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