Mason Ruffner’s 1958

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Item: Pre Cbs 1958 Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar Mason Ruffner Owned Srv
Sold For: $11,300.00
Bids: 34
Date: Aug 23, 2012
Auction: Ebay
Description and Image By: trustandsafetynow

For your consideration is Mason Ruffner’s Jan 1958 Fender Stratocaster serial number 26769. This was Mason’s main guitar from the 1980’s while still living and playing New Orleans. It is what’s pictured in earlier photos and on early records. When I saw Mason playing in a small club on Bourbon Street in the mid 1980’s this is the guitar he was playing. This is a largely original instrument with some modification and repair. The guitar weighs 7lbs 14 oz, which is the identical weight of his other later Strat currently being sold on eBay right now as well, crazy. The finish is original, the neck appears to have a light clear overspray, the body does not. The nut is newer and has been reinforced with a piece of maple just north of it. The frets are replaced with large jumbo frets; they did not refinish the front of the fingerboard to do so and the work is super high quality professionally done. The volume pot has been changed; the two other pots are correct and original. They are date coded 304715 and 304725 indicating the 15th and 25th week of 1957. The body and neck date are both 1-58, it’s 1-58 not 7-58 on the neck. The serial number plate has been restored and is aftermarket, the number is correct; the plate is not, the screws are correct. The back cover plate is in pieces there are only four of 5 springs installed one is in the case. The original tremolo arm is crooked but functioning fine. There’s a 5 way switch installed the original 3 way is in the case as well. The pickup height adjustment gaskets have been changed to springs common as the original rubber ones fail after years. Electronics look very good, the pickups are original and correct, the capacitor as well. All hardware looks correct and original, tuning machines, bridge, all good. The original un laminated pick guard has a typical neck pickup height adjustment screw crack, otherwise a very nice un cracked original example. This is a great playing and super good sounding guitar; we understand why Mason loved it. One of the most compelling parts of this unfinished story is how many great people mostly famous musicians that know of Mason and regard him very highly. We know that Bruce Springsteen discovered Mason in the 1980’s we know that he and Carlos Santana are good friends. We’ve seen pictures of Mason and Jimmy Page hanging out and yes we were told that Mason knew SRV and Stevie has played this guitar. Not forgetting that Mason himself had a formidable career and still performs and plays today. A fantastic opportunity to own not only a great guitar and good investment but also a significant piece of blues and rock and roll history. Mason was and is the coolest guy in the world and you can own his 1958 Strat. Original tweed case with gold interior included. Case is slightly fatigued cosmetically and structurally but attractive and is included as well as other items in case.  Original case and all accessories included.

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