Rare Wells Fargo Semi-Centennial Coin 1852-1902 Mar. 18 Orig Box Near Mint

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Item: Rare Wells Fargo Semi-Centennial Coin  1852-1902 Mar. 18 Orig Box Near Mint

Sold For: $787.77

Bids:  9

Date:  May 19, 2012

Auction: Ebay

Seller:  val-sig

Feedback:   100% (2067)

Description and Image By: val-sig

Up for bids is a rare coin/ token that was given to employees of Wells Fargo  with one year or more of service.  Issued to commemorate 50 years from 1852 – 1902.   I purchased this item from a 91 year old lady whose father -in- law actually worked for Wells Fargo and was presented this coin.  It remains in its original leatherette-covered box with blue velvet and satin lining. Deeply toned silver weighing 26.3 grams and measuring 1 1/2″ in diameter. It is in immaculate condition with exquisite detail.   Not being a coin dealer or collector in any way,  I cannot call it “mint”,  but certainly is , in my opinion,  “near mint”.    I have seen only an handful of these online , with lesser quality pieces in upwards of $1200.00.  Great piece !!

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