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  • 1955 The Rifleman Lunch Box

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    Item:  1955 The Rifleman Lunch Box
    Description and Image By: gristmillantiques

    Check out this Awesome Vintage The Rifleman Lunch box. Remember those Great TV show’s. Lucas McCain and his son Mark. Westerns were popular when The Rifleman premiered. The gimmick for the show to set it apart from other shows was the Modified Winchester model 1892 rifle with a trigger mechanism allowing for rapid-fire shots. Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang! Also was the first prime-time series ever to have a widowed parent raise a child. This is a great piece for display or to collect. It has many scratches from use but you can see from pictures it still is in good condition for its age. Handle is solid and so is the clasp. The back has most of the cougar worn off. The sides are nice with the signature rifle on them.It also has some light rusting. No thermos.

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