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  • Metal Lunch Box Makers

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    Lunch Box Companies

    Mickey Mouse Lunch Box

    There were several companies that produced the popular metal  lunch box over the years. These companies produced the lunch boxes with popular characters from that time period. Some of the lunch boxes were produced from plastic, cardboard, vinyl, and finally the most popular out of metal. They also produced the lunch box in different shapes and sizes but most were produced in square shapes and dome style versions. These are the two most popular variations.

    The first popular metal lunch boxes were produced in mass quantities in the early 1950’s and they’re still being produced today. To view a list  with current values of each one, visit our FREE Lunch Box Price Guide. Throughout the years the lunch box became extremely popular with kids all over the country. As time went by, schools began serving children’s lunches in campus, that lunch boxes became least popular. However, anyone who is in the age range of 25 -65 years old probably remembers carrying their own lunch box to school sometime in the early 1950’s up to the late 1990’s.

    Today, the lunch box collecting hobby is very popular and some lunch boxes have become really scarce since most of them were heavily used and have been scratched up or destroyed over the years.

    These are the some of the companies that produced some of the most popular lunch boxes over the years.

    Aladdin Company

    American Thermos

    King Seeley Thermos (KST)

    Kruger Manufacturing Company

    Fray and Clark (Universal)

    Ohio Art Company

    Okay industries, Campbell Soup Company

    Omni Graphics




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