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  • 1955 Winchester Store Lunch Box

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    Item:  1955 Vintage Winchester Store Lunch Box Kit Pint Vacuum Bottle Original Rare Thermos
    Description and Image By: nce1

    This is  an original, vintage Winchester Store Lunch box or kit as it is called in the 1926 catalog. The box comes complete with the pint size thermos (vacuum bottle), original thermos bottle cup, the original exterior latches, the original interior metal strap for holding the thermos bottle, and the leather carrying handle. This is a very rare piece.

    The condition of the box is well used but in great condition. There are numerous dents from usage, age and storage. The Winchester decal remains, is readable but portions are missing. Approximately 40% to 50% of the finish is gone revealing the bare metal. There are a few pin head size holes on one of the “feet” on the bottom of the box. Minor moisture create surface corrosion on the interior. The leather handle is still pliable. The latches work good and are well attached. The pint bottles has surface corrosion. The decal is readable with missing portions. The glass liner is intact. No cork stopper. If you shake the bottle you can here the movement of loose surface corrosion from condensation over the years. The box is not pristine but has seen hard honest usage. Its condition really fits the image of a hard working man having lunch at some long forgotten job site. Really cool piece.

    Because of its rarity a reserve of $800 has been placed on this item.

    I am selling portions of a Winchester collection from a well respected and long time collector in eastern Oklahoma. Unless noted the items listed are original and not restored, not reprints. While some listed items are common, many items will be scare: rarely if ever seen on eBay or elsewhere. Please bookmark my site and check back throughout the coming months.

    The owner of this piece guarantees that this item is totally original without restoration.

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