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  • 1958 Zorro Lunch Box

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    At the beginning of the month we search eBay completed sales under most major collectibles categories. We then post the Top 5 eBay completed auctions that sold for the highest price for each category.

    This listing was one of the Top 5 sales for this collectibles category. We hope you enjoy looking at the information as much as we enjoy posting it. Please make sure you come back periodically, to see the Top collectibles that sold on eBay!

    Name of Collectible:  1958 Black Metal Lunchbox with Aladdin sticker
    This item Sold for $68. (Click Image to View Auction).
    eBay seller: rockmemories-seattle
    Description by seller: “Zorro Vintage 1958 Black Metal Lunchbox with side area Aladdin sticker great colors on boths sides, used lunchbox with some wear, scratches and couple dents but it still looks great. Inside has some rust spots. There is a tiny metal tear on top area as shown in last picture. There is no thermos”.

    This is definitely a very nice  Collectible that brought a lot of attention and a great price.

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