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    Collectibles Information and Values Online

    GreatestCollectibles.com provides data on greatest collectibles from around the world. It also provides values to many old items. Along with many unique articles and images describing some great items.

    Whether you like learning about collectibles or own some already this website should provide you with a lot of the information you need. We have a lot of information about collectibles and their prices. However, if you still can’t find the information you are looking for you can always find antique dealers and contact them in your area.

    100 Greatest Collectibles

    The list of 100 most expensive collectibles contains each major collectible category or theme. In other words, the art market or painting would be one specific category or theme. Cars would be a different one. In this list we compiled some of the most expensive items in the U.S. for that category or theme.

    Most Valuable Collectibles

    A list of the most valuable collectibles.

    Therefore, for art or paintings we found the most expensive painting. For cars we found and listed the most expensive car, etc. This was a very fun  list to compile at the same a time, a very difficult task as we had to cross reference many items through many different collectible categories, but the end result was well worth it. We hope you enjoy the list as much as we enjoyed working on it.

    Top 10 Collectibles by Category

    There are many different collectibles areas. Throughout history individuals have collected many different things. Some items are more popular than other. For instance, cars are a very popular item that people like to collect. While buttons for example, may not be as popular. However, for each different theme there are usually the top items people are familiar with or which are the most popular items in that collectible category. This is why we created the Top 10  List. We listed the top 10 most expensive cars, the top ten most expensive paintings and we did this for each theme.

    List of expensive collectibles.

    List of expensive collectibles.

    As more people learn about the top ten most expensive items they begin to appreciate and get excited about that specific object and next thing you know, another collector has been created. So never underestimate the power of an old historical item.

    The U.S. Collectibles Market

    There collectibles market literally has thousands if not tens of thousands of different themes that are collected. Fr instance, cars is one theme, paintings is another theme, antiques is another theme and so on. And within each theme there is a certain amount of collectors for each one, a certain price range for most items. For example, cold cars can be worth around $35.000 each give r take. Paintings on average can be worth about $100,000. each. Lunch Boxes can be around $200. each etc. So, each marker theme also has a yearly market cap estimate. Here we try to break don what each market them is worth each year and try to provide the average price of an average object within that theme.

    Oldest Collectibles

    On this page we posted some of the worlds oldest collectibles. Or some of the first items known to man for that specific category. For example, the first known television set, the first known bicycle, the first known light bulb and many more historical items. Over the years we can see how some of these items have evolved while others have become non existent.

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