1950s Coca Cola Vendo 81 Bottle Vending Coke Machine

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Item: 1950s Coca Cola Vendo 81 Bottle Vending Coke Machine
Sold For: $3,750.00
Bids:  1
Date:  Mar 29, 2012
Auction: Ebay
Seller: mopar_matt
Description and Image By: mopar_matt

Up for auction is a 1950’s Vendo 81-B Coca Cola bottle vending machine.

The cooling system appears to be out of a vendo 63 or similar vintage era machine.  The system was replaced before I bought the machine.  The cooling system works well and all the wiring is good.  System runs nice and quiet.   The coin mechanism and bottle vending mechanism work well too.  The coin mech works on a dime.

The machine is totally complete including the cap catcher, coin catcher, key, shelves, bottle guides for the shelves, and springs for each shelf.   The light inside the bottle door works and the black plastic inner door lining is in good shape with no cracks.  All the seals are in good condition and seal very well.   The body of the machine is very nice and there is no rust on the machine.  The machine was repainted before I bought it, but they did a good job and it is holding up well.  The Coca-Cola lettering on the main door is hand painted as it should be.  The paint does have a couple small nicks and scratches, but nothing major.  In fact, you could clean it up even better than it looks in the pics before putting it to use in your rec room.  It is a very solid and a very straight machine.   I bought this off a gentleman who kept it in his rec room for years.  I have had it for 7 years and it has worked perfectly during that time.   I am only selling the machine because I have another restoration project that I want to use this money for.  This machine sits in my kitchen and gets nothing but compliments.  If you wanted a super nice, complete, working machine, but didn’t want to pay $6500 to $7500 for one then this machine is for you.   Due to its age and the fact the machine is used, I am selling this item in AS-IS condition.

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