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    Collectibles Price Guides

    Collectibles Price Guides

    On this page you will find Price Guides for some of the world’s greatest collectibles and antique appraisals to help you find a value for any great collectible that you want to research. All you need to do is click on any collectible category in the links below and it will take you to the page for that collectible and provide you with the pricing and appraisal information you need. Have any suggestions or can’t find prices for what a specific item is worth? Let us know and we will find and add a valuation source or build one for you!

    Name of Collectible   View Price Guide for that Collectible      

    Lunch Boxes Vinyl Lunch Boxes Lunch Box Price Guide 
    Vinyl Lunch Box Price Guide 
    Coca Cola Signs Coca Cola Sign Prices
    Rolex Watches 

    Breguet Watches 

    Omega Watches 

    Bvlgari Watches 

    Patek Phillipe Watches

    Louis Vuitton

     Cartier Watches

    Rolex Watch Price Guide

    Brequet Price Guide

    Omega Watch Price Guide

    Bvlgari Watch Price Guide

    Patek Phillipe Watch Price Guide

    Louis Vuitton Price Guide

    Cartier Watch Price Guide


    Breitling Watch Price Guide

    Pedal Cars

    Pepsi Cola Signs

    Pedal Car Price Guide

    Pepsi Cola Signs Price Guide

    Diamonds Diamonds Price Guide
    Cars Price Guide
    Posters Posters Price Guide
    Paintings Paintings Price Guide
    Camera Antique and Classic Camera Price Guide
    Books Books – Prices on 150,000,000 books
    Cards CardPrices 
    Cards – Yugio YugiCo Cards Price Guide
    Cars Australian Classic Cars
    CD’s Rare Records and CD Price Guides
    Coins PCGS Coin Price Guide
    Collectibles Bath Antiques Online Auction Results Database
    Comic Books The Big Comic Book Database
    Comics Comics Price Guide
    Comics Comics Auction Database
    Disney Disney Secondary Market Prices
    Dolls Doll Collector Price Guide
    Dolls dollprice.com
    Dolls Madame Alexander Dolls Values
    Figures Hellboy Figures Price Guide
    Film Filmscore Price Guide
    Frankoma Frankoma Value Guides
    G.I. Joes G.I. Joe Price Guide
    Games Game Price Guide
    Games Used Game Price Guide
    Games Videogames Price Guide
    Glass Carnival Glass Pattern and Price Index
    Glass Heisey Glass Auction Results 2000-2009
    Golf Irish Golf Archive Auction Prices
    Golf PBA Galleries Auction Results -Golf, Books, Maps…
    Guitars Vintage Gibson Guitars
    Horses Breyer’s Model Horses
    Hummels Hummel Price List
    Instruments – Stringed Stringed Instruments Price History
    Insulators Insulator Emporium
    Jazz Jazz Collector Price Guide
    Jewelery Best Jewellery Price Guide
    Lone Ranger Lone Ranger Prices
    Lunch Boxes Lunch Boxes
    Machine Guns Machine Gun Price Guide
    Mad Magazine Mad Magazine Prices 1952-2003
    MadCover MadCoverSite
    Magazines Collectible Magazines Back Issues Price Guide
    Mash MASH Collectibles
    Mechanical Banks Mechanical Banks At Auction
    Music Music Price Guide
    Old Spice Old Spice Collectibles
    Pez I Collect Pez Pricing Guide
    Pez PEZ
    Pez PezPriceGuide.com
    Phonograph Antique Phonograph Auction Results by MAPS
    Picture Books Most Valuable Children’s Picturebooks
    Platinum Cool Platinum Valuation Guide
    Pokemon Pokemon
    Pokemon The UK Pokemon Price Guide
    Pong PONG Console Price Guide
    Pottery Alana’s Shawnee Pottery
    Pottery the-forum Pottery Sold Prices
    Princess Diana Princess Diana Memorabilia
    Prints John C. Green Prints
    Radio Antique Radio Price Guide
    Radio The Boneyard Amateur Radio Price Guide
    Radios Radio Antique Price Guide
    Random Babylon-5 Price Guide
    Rave Flyers UK Rave Flyers Price Guide
    Sports Collectsports.com Price Guides (register)
    Star Wars Star Wars Archive Price Guide
    Steiff Steiff Values
    Swords Sword Values
    Televisions Television/Movie Props
    Time Pieces Vintage Heuer Timepieces
    Tobacco T-206.com Tobacco Card Price Guide
    Tractors Case Tractor Values – historic
    Travel Guides Ibiza Travel Guides
    Tuff Stuff tuffstuff.com Price Guides
    Vases Head Vase Values
    Watches Vintage Watch Price Guide (sample)
    Year Books Celebrity Yearbook Values


    Snuff Bottles


    Tin Cars


    Hot Wheels

    Yugio Cards

    PinBall Machines

    Ancient Coins

    Beanie Babies



    Dolls – Skipper

    Matchbox Cars & Trucks






















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