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  • 1959 Knights In Armor

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    Item: Knights In Armor 1959 Universal Rare Lunchbox Vintage Nice. Rarity9 Out 10

    Sold For: $1,300.00

    Bids: 1

    Date: Aug 05, 2012

    Auction: Ebay

    Description and Image By: 24815todd

    Here’s a super nice rarity 9 hard to find 1959 Knights in Armor lunchbox vintage.Selling off some of my collection.Paint still in great shape.Show’s very little wear,displays beautiful !!!.Cool retro 50s americana.Not many around in this shape.I’ve never seen another one in this condition in 10 yrs collecting!Never have to upgrade on this super lunchbox!!!You be the judge for grading.Awesome addition for the advanced ‘boxer’. I have other rare and close to mint lunchboxes like this also for sale.I’m looking for Toppie in good condition,Dudley do right and Home town airport dome.Don’t miss out!!!.They don’t make these any more.

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