Antique Mughal Moghul 22k 22kt 916 Solid Gold Diamond Reversable Enamel Necklace

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Item: Antique Mughal Moghul 22k 22kt 916 Solid Gold Diamond Reversable Enamel Necklace
Sold For: $3,400.00
Bids:  50
Date:  May 27, 2012
Auction: Ebay
Seller: monalisa36beauty
Description and Image By: monalisa36beauty

Ladies and gentleman, collectors and dealers feast your eyes on this beautiful jaw dropping diamond collar necklace, made for royalty. Up for sale is the necklace only. This necklace is in mint condition and is a rare find!!!!

The huge 115.4 gram necklace is in a choker collar style. The necklace starts on both sides, with a very nice large 1/2 inch wide links studded with diamonds in a delicate solid gold net design. Each link has 8mm – 10mm wide south sea pearls hangings on the bottom. These links lead to the center link, which is about 1 inch wide and has a large 8mm x 6mm diamond in center. Hanging from the center is a 1 x 1 inch medallion on the bottom. The medallion has a net design with a large 8mm x 6mm large diamond in the center, surrounded with diamonds. Below the pendant there are beautiful hanging 8mm – 10mm south sea natural pearls. The total lenght of the necklace in the center is an astounding 2 1/2 inches. The necklace has a adjustable yellow and gold silk thread on back, which can be adjusted to a desirable length. The silk thread in the back does show its age, but it is in good working condition. There are no missing diamonds in this necklace!! On the back of this beautiful necklace, is lovely enamel work, with brilliant colors, ranging in shades of red, green, blue, white and yellow. The enamel has a flower design in back also, which looks stunning!!! For the most part the enamel is in perfect condition, except at few places, where the enamel has faded off. Please look at the pictures for more details!!!

The necklace has 25.8 cts of old lop cut white diamonds. The diamonds are all natural and have foil and setting material in back studded in solid gold. The total weight of necklace is 115.4 grams. All the gems in this necklace are 100% natural no treatment. The gold is solid, not plated!! There are no missing gems or beads!! This necklace is also a great opportunity for investors, since the value of gold keeps rising, and this necklace has lots of pure gold.  The jewelers i showed this necklace to were speechless!! They couldn’t believe their eyes. The necklace has been tested and checked by three different jewelers, and they all tested the gold to be 22k. They all calculated the diamond weight to be about 25.8 cts!! This is also an opportunity for ladies, what can be better than wearing your investment and enjoying it? This is the type of jewelery that you feel proud of, when you pass it on to your daughters and heirs. So bid now, and don’t let this necklace go.

The necklace will come in its own box for safe keeping!! Here are a few pictures of this wonderful necklace. I have added pics on bottom of the necklace with the earrings also, but please remember this auction is of the necklace only!!

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