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  • RARE Wells Fargo Roll Top Desk Vintage ~ 2 Secret Compartments

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    Item: RARE Wells Fargo Roll Top Desk Vintage ~ 2 Secret Compartments

    Sold For: $500.00
    Date:  Mar 12, 2012
    Auction: Ebay
    Seller: jdmconsultants
    Feedback:   100% (35)

    Description and Image By: jdmconsultants

    After doing a little research, I have found out that this desk was made by Wells Fargo and is quite rare.

    Very nice, Solid wood roll top desk (besides the drawers). Has nearly 40 drawers / compartments plus 2 secret compartments, and a built in desk lamp.

    The roll top locks as well as one of the compartments on the right, both of which come with keys.

    Breaks down into 3 main pieces, the hutch on top, then the two legs. Also there is a removable section on the back that connects the 2 legs, but does not need to be attached if the unit is against the wall.

    Great condition. Only issues are that we cut a hole in the back middle removable section that connects the 2 legs for the electric cord. Also there are a few wear marks on the surface which can be seen in the pictures. It can easily be restrained though.

    Very heavy, and sturdy.

    54w 50h 31d

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