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  • Flowers Lunch Boxes

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    Flowers, Floral Tulips

    Name of Lunch Box: Flowers, Floral Tulips
    Year: 1973
    Made By: Okay Industries






    Orange Purse Trinket


    Name of Lunch Box: Orange Painted Retro
    Year: 1960′s
    Made By: Unknown






    Junior Miss (Flowers Tree)


    Name of Lunch Box: Junior Miss (Flowers Tree)
    Year: 1962
    Made By: Aladdin








    Name of Lunch Box: Flowers
    Year: 1956
    Made By: Aladdin Industries Inc






    Frost Flowers


    Name of Lunch BoxFrost Flowers
    Year: 1962
    Made By: Ohio Art






    Frost Flowers


    Name of Lunch Box: Frost Flowers
    Year: 1962
    Made By: Ohio Art








    Name of Lunch Box:  Floral
    Year: 1971
    Made By: Ohio Art






    Pink Corsage


    Name of Lunch Box:  Pink Corsage
    Year: 1963
    Made By: American Thermos






    Blue Corsage


    Name of Lunch Box: Blue Corsage
    Year: 1958
    Made By: Unknown






    Corsage Must See


    Name of Lunch Box:  Corsage Must See
    Year: 1964
    Made By: Thermos King Seeley Inc.








    Name of Lunch Box: Corsage
    Year: 1970
    Made By: Thermos





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