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  • Physcedelic Lunch Boxes

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    Sychedelic Dome

    Name of Lunch Box: Sychedelic Dome
    Year: 1969
    Made By: Aladdin Industries






    Plaid Tin Litho Dome

    Name of Lunch Box: Plaid Tin Litho Dome
    Year: 1960’s
    Made By: American Thermos






    Tulips Metal Dome

    Name of Lunch Box: Tulips Metal Dome
    Year: 1962
    Made By: Ohio Art






    Psychedelic Dome Metal

    Name of Lunch Box: Psychedelic Dome Metal
    Made By: Ohio Art






    Super Bowl Football Psychedelic


    Name of Lunch Box: Super Bowl Football Psychedelic
    Year: 1970’s
    Made By: Unknown






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