82 Yr. Old Man Find $10,648. Treasury Badge

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Item:Prohibition Bureau Justice Treasury Department Badge
Date:January 16, 2012
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Images and Description by: Pearl_of_Great_Price

Note:If you look at the description for this item you will notice that the seller indicates that his father bought this at a yard sale without knowing the badges were so valuable. We listed this item in our Yard Sales Finds Page.

My father bought these in the early 1970s from the children of a Mr. Knapp (the agent).

United States Treasury Department office of Internal Revenue Service . Dated 4-29-27 . Elmira , N.Y. Associate Field Accountant.

United States Treasury Department Office of Internal Revenue Service. Dated Nov. 17 1941. Examiner

United States Department of Justice Bureau of Prohibition Service . Dated March 30 1931 . Field Office Inspector.

The actual badge measures: 2 1/2 ” ‘length. It is in very good condition for age. Back has the number: 166. and a smaller mark R G or RVG

I do not know what kind of metal but it doesn’t tarnish …. it’s never been cleaned and it looks good. Maybe it’s gold plated or maybe it’s bronze. Clasp is in good condition.

Please read shipping details and sellers instructions before bidding.

Question & Answer Answered On
Q: Hello, there appears to be a redacted area on one of the cards. Is this on the card or did you redact if for the auction photo? THANKS Jan-14-12
A: Hi. The US Treasury Dept Internal Revenue one has some slight separation (not a tear, not a fold) to the top part (where Knapp’s photo is) , maybe whatever adhesive held the paper there failed in some way… if that’s what you mean by redacted. All these have Pocket Commissions have wear…. Please see the photos as I do not know how to describe them better than that.
Q: Are the 3 commission books actually blue as in the photo? Jan-14-12
A: I’d say they are black, with a very slight blue tint. Black though.
Q: Very nice set! Jan-12-12
A: Thank you. My 82 yr old father is thrilled that others can appreciate them. He bought these in a yard sale years ago and had no idea they were so sought after.
Q: Your close up of the badge is somewhat out of focus, is there a way to see a more clear picture? Thank you. Jan-12-12
A: I’ll try tomorrow. Susan
Q: Hi Susan–I am the current high bidder and will be bidding again at the end of the auction. I am a very serious collector and believe in the auction format, so I hope you will not end the auction early. Should the auction end early for any reason please contact me as I will make a very serious offer. As you can see these are rare and very desireable items that will command a substantial price. Thank you for your consideration.—Jim Pecora Jan-10-12
A: Jim, Thank you for bidding. Rest assured I will not end the auction early. Susan
Q: Hi, By now I see that you have figured out that you have some very highly sought after items! The badge was only used for 3 years and then they went back to the IRS/Treasury Department.. Mr Lucas who has contacted you is an expert when it comes to Federal badges, Commision books(ID’s) etc. he has helped me over the years in my quest to find a few badges I wore/carried during my career as a US Border Patrolman, Customs Agent and now a retired DEA S/A.. He is a man you can trust.. Good luck with the auction!! JD… Jan-10-12
A: Thanks for your comment and well wishes. My Dad bought these in a yard sale, so we’re shocked at the bids. The items were in storage for a long while and I’m glad that they will go to someone who can appreciate them.
Q: Is the auction just for the special agent badge or are the 3 pocket commissions included? Jan-10-12
A: Everyting you see in the photos are included…. Badge plus the three other pieces of ephemera…. you say they’re called Pocket Commissions.
Q: Any interest in trading this collection on a 1930 Ford model A 100% original condition, I paid $7500. for it three years ago. I have one of the largest badge collections in the country and this is a very interesting group you have here. Ken Lucas 443-907-2943 sgt116@yahoo.com Jan-10-12
A: Ken, Wow. I’d love to have a Ford Model A but these items belong to my Dad and we wouldn’t have a place to keep the ANtique Car. We live in a teeny tiny house with no garage. ANyway bidding has begun . Evidently these items are worth a lot more than what we imagined. Thanks for your offer to trade. Susan
Q: Hello Do you have a buy it now price for these items? Thanks! Jan-10-12
A: Sorry no buy it now. I prefer auction format.
Q: Hello, Serious collector here wondering if you had a buy it now price for this collection. Thank you Jan-09-12
A: Sorry no buy it now.
Q: Do you have a buy it now price in mind? Feel free to give me a call to discuss. 781-799-7988 Jan-09-12
A: Sorry no buy it now.

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