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  • 10 Most Expensive Lunch Boxes

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    image,  "Toppie Lunch Box"

    Toppie Lunch Box

    1. Go Toppie – In the 1950’s the store by the name of Krogers would give away what was called Top Stamps to it’s customers. These customers could then go back in and redeem the stamps for special merchandise.  Some of the items that they can redeem the stamps for were household items which included the Toppie Lunch Box.

    However, it seems as if very few people redeemed their stamps for a Toppie Lunch Box because decades later very few Toppie Lunch boxes have surfaced. Some collectors estimate that about 12 total Toppie Lunch Boxes exist. The Toppie Thermos also seems to be very rare, even rarer than the Lunch Box itself. Some thermoses sell in the same price range as some of the Toppie Lunch Boxes. One Toppie Lunch Box sold for a little over $6,000 several years ago. Another Toppie Lunch Box sold for $2,450.00 on an eBay auction on January 06, 2013, it was in about 5 – 6 Grade condition. The same seller also sold a Toppie Thermos separately on eBay the same day and it realized $2,030 on an eBay auction with the thermos being in about Grade 7 condition.

    image, "1954 Super Man Lunch Box"2. 1954 Super Man Lunch Box by Universal Studios sold for a record $13,225.00 in 2003 in an auction conducted by MastroNet.inc. This lunch box has a very popular design and is extremely rare in Mint State condition and examples in very high Mint State condition can fetch upwards of $5,000 each.



    image, "Man from Atlantis Lunch Box"

    3. 1977 Man from Atlantis Lunch Box produced by the King Seeley Thermos company is an extremely rare lunch box. Only 3 examples are believed to exist. On January 20, 2013 a 1977 Man From Atlantis Lunch Box sold for $5,201.99 on eBay.  It was described as being in Grade 7.5 condition. The television show was canceled after a few episodes and by the time the lunch boxes were being produced, they also canceled production and only a few were made.



    Image, Under Dog Lunch Box4. Under Dog Lunch Box by Okay Industries. Valued at about $3,000 in Mint State condition.




    image, "Dudley Do Right Lunch Box"5. Dudley Do Right 1966 by Universal valued at approximately $2,500, in Mint State condition.






    1930’s Mickey Mouse Lunch Box sold for $2,350 in Mint State condition.







    1968 “Yellow Submarine” The Beatles  Luch Box sold for $2,086






    1965 The Beatles Blue Lunch Box sold for $1,913.88





    image, "Star Trek Lunch Box". Star Trek from 1968 by Aladdin valued at approximately $1,750, in Mint State condition.





    image, "Knight in Armor Lunch Box". Knight in Armor from 1959 by Universal, this box is very rare and commands about $1,500 in Mint State condition.





    image, "Jetsons Lunch Box"8. The Jetsons from 1963 produced by Aladdin is valued at approximately $2,000 in Mint State condition.





    image, "1954 Mickey Mouse Lunch Box"9. 1954 Mickey Mouse valued at about $1,500 in Mint State condition.





    image, "Volkswagon Lunch Box"10. Volks Wagon Bus from 1960 valued at about $1,250 in Mint condition.






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