Pink Lotus Lamp Fetches $2.8 Million - Most Expensive Lamp

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The most expensive lamp in the world the Pink Lotus sold at Christie’s Auction House in New York, on December 12,1997 for an unbelievable price of $2.8 million. It is believed to be the only known example in existence.

Tiffany Lamp - Worlds Most Expensive Lamp

Tiffany Lamp - Worlds Most Expensive Lamp

The Tiffany company was founded by Louis Comfort Tiffany in 1875. Louis Comfort Tiffany and Associated Artists originally began to create beautiful glass decorations. This in return began the popularity of the Tiffany lamps. Tiffany Lamps were immediately considered to be really special and also very rare.

Louis Tiffany never actually produced the lamps himself, instead he orchestrated the entire production process by hiring the best builders at the time. From designers, to glass producers, wood and metal molders etc. This resulted in some of the best built lamps in history.

Chsisties -Tiffany Lamp Catalog Description

Chsisties -Tiffany Lamp Catalog Description image by wrabits

Tiffany Lamps are gorgeous pieces of art made usually with an average of 2000 separate glass pieces, all hand-cut, wrapped using the copper foil technique and leaded and soldered together.

The Tiffany ‘Lotus’ lamp is made of bronze with a mosaic pattern of leaded stained glass set. The shade is formed of eight lotus flowers which overlap and form this beautiful lamp. It is believed to have been made somewhere around 1905.

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